We All Smile in the Same Language

By Kendrea Rhodes

Humankind has valued art for thousands of years. It’s a communicator’s dream with longevity beyond its creator, the ability to cross language barriers and countless uses like storytelling, warnings, musings and guidance. Art is a universal language.

Students from Woodside Primary School are using art to explore their studies of diversity. These studies have included rich and varied discussions on religion, indigenous awareness, family history, culture and appearance. What they’ve learnt during their art practice has flowed into other subjects, creating intellectual synergy school-wide.

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Rural Aid Fodder Drop

By Kendrea Rhodes

Don’t be fooled by recent wet weather: the current lush greenery of the Adelaide Hills is no indicator for the water crisis the State is currently facing. The Mount Lofty Ranges casts a dire rain shadow over the Murray plains. Areas like Sedan, Cambrai and Palmer have missed the recent wet weather the hills have enjoyed and there’s no subsoil moisture to rely on for crops. They’ve had two years of record low rainfall, and this year isn’t looking that great either. A University of South Australia study points to severe drought conditions in South Australia and across the country, with drought patterns spreading throughout the Murray Darling Basin*. Continue reading Rural Aid Fodder Drop

Pomegranates in the Hills

By Kendrea Rhodes

The pomegranate is an ancient fruit, popular for thousands of years as a medicinal food with important health properties. The pomegranate transcends culture, religion and geography — featuring in Greek mythology, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, ancient Egyptian medicinal texts, Art, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and more. Originally grown in Iran, Turkey and Northern India, pomegranates now grace more of the world’s warmer climates in places like Israel, Spain, California, Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia. Continue reading Pomegranates in the Hills

Harrogate Hall

By Kendrea Rhodes

Over 100 years ago, a majestic gathering place — built of local stone by local hands and hearts — opened its doors to the region. The old Harrogate Hall is a place for the community and is one of the longest serving district halls, run by one of the longest serving district committees. Continue reading Harrogate Hall

Hahndorf Animal Shelter

By Kendrea Rhodes

For the past 27 years, unwanted, strayed and neglected dogs and cats have been cared for at the Hahndorf Interim Animal Shelter. And during this time, over 4200 animals have found new homes! Many features set this place apart, but the one that tugs at the heart strings is its ‘no kill’ policy. Re-homing is their goal. As the name suggests this is an interim shelter — a place where animals can be watered, fed, enjoy company, have medical treatment, vaccinations and a roof over their heads. Continue reading Hahndorf Animal Shelter

Celebrate Local Apples & Pears

By Kendrea Rhodes

Autumn in the Adelaide Hills conveys a colourful array of changing seasons with crisp days, leaves turning and fruit ready to harvest. The Adelaide Hills supplies 93% of SA’s pears and 85% of SA’s apples according to Susie Green, CEO of the Apple & Pear Growers Association of SA. The sheer volume of fruit available in autumn is obvious on a short drive through the Hills, where you will see the vast range of reds, yellows and greens protected under their nets (the envy of birds, bats and flying foxes). Continue reading Celebrate Local Apples & Pears

Red Cross Distinguished Service Awards

By Kendrea Rhodes

The Mount Pleasant Red Cross Branch celebrates its 80th birthday this year and what a way to rejoice with three national awards in the last 12 months. The Red Cross provides humanitarian and impartial support, without discrimination, to anyone in need. In one year the Red Cross delivers over 43,000 meals to people experiencing hardship* and during wartime the Red Cross is a sanctuary for those not taking part in the fighting. Continue reading Red Cross Distinguished Service Awards

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