Green Door Books

Behind a green door, up a laneway off the Main Street of Lobethal, is a charming little world of unusual books, fulfilling that nostalgia for the welcoming bookshops of old. Feeling a little like the magical alleyways of the movies, the green door is an invitation for would-be time travellers to delve into a world where time slows, and reading, rummaging, and relaxing are highly encouraged. Such a relief in our fast paced, digital download age.

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Sustainability at ReNew Fashion

By Kendrea Rhodes

With a view to slowdown the fast fashion movement and reduce the mounds of annual textile and resource wastage, Lobethal local, Kristina Vonow, has opened a business with a subtle difference. ReNew Fashion employs the rent-a-rack concept that enables local people to become sellers and buyers, while addressing the environmental issue of fashion waste. Its operation model is not that of an op-shop, monthly market, digital platform, or retail brand outlet.

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Lobethal Gardening Festival

By Kendrea Rhodes

The 31st of October is Halloween, and one might expect ghouls, ghosts and goblins, or at least bat flower, ghost plant, or deadly nightshade. But, in Lobethal on the 31st, you will see such an array of open gardens without a spectre in sight. The Lobethal Gardening Festival is an all-day event celebrating private, public and community gardens, rich with native, exotic, edible and ornamental plants. You can expect walking talks, bushfire recovery gardens, and natural imperfection from the eternal work-in-progress of gardening.

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Harrogate Supper Room Celebration

By Kendrea Rhodes.

After three years of hard graft and dedication, work on the 126-year-old heritage listed building, now known as the Harrogate Supper Room, is complete. The Harrogate Soldiers Memorial Hall committee (past and present) have worked tirelessly with community members and groups, contractors, MPs, and Councillors, and would like to extend an open invitation to the ‘Celebration of the Supper Room Restoration’ on Sunday 19 September at 2pm.

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