Harrogate Supper Room Celebration

By Kendrea Rhodes.

After three years of hard graft and dedication, work on the 126-year-old heritage listed building, now known as the Harrogate Supper Room, is complete. The Harrogate Soldiers Memorial Hall committee (past and present) have worked tirelessly with community members and groups, contractors, MPs, and Councillors, and would like to extend an open invitation to the ‘Celebration of the Supper Room Restoration’ on Sunday 19 September at 2pm.

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Woodside Primary School’s SALA

By Kendrea Rhodes

Every August for the past seven years, the walls of Balhannah’s Olive Branch Café have been awash with the inspiration, dedication and community spirit embodied in Woodside Primary School’s annual SALA art exhibition.

“This is Us” is the 2021 exhibition that explores several techniques, artists and events like  recent bushfires and covid lockdowns. The sense of place is strong in this exhibition, representing Adelaide Hills’ homes, communities, environments and history.

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Polystyrene Recycling at Heathfield

By Kendrea Rhodes

Expanded polystyrene is a type of plastic that can now be recycled at the Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre. The Adelaide Hills Council has installed a polystyrene melting machine at the Centre, thanks to a Recycling Infrastructure Grant from Green Industries SA. This is a fantastic opportunity to recycle moulded polystyrene, often used in packaging. The service is free, but the polystyrene must be in particular condition to be viable for recycling—white, clean, dry and unbroken (please don’t break it up).

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