‘Foodies Column’ – Biscotti!

‘Foodies Column’ - Biscotti!In the colder months, what is better than curling up under a blanket, watching a movie and eating a biscuit with a steaming hot cuppa? This recipe is to make a biscuit that is substantial, flavoursome, easy to make (although a little time is needed) and not too sugary.

Biscotti literally means ‘twice baked’ – baked in a log, and then sliced and baked again. It is an Italian biscuit invented solely for the use of dunking in Tuscan wines. They are a very hard biscuit, barely any moisture, giving it a large shelf life. They were used in the Italian army rations, much like the Anzac biscuit. Continue reading ‘Foodies Column’ – Biscotti!

History in the Hills

History in the Hills 01Everyone loves history, whether it be local gossip, an obscure link in a family tree, wartime legends and famous battles, convicts and settlers, architecture or just a good historical novel! Well for all those history buffs, up until Sunday, May 25th, the History Trust of SA is holding its 5th annual SA HISTORY WEEK with a great variety of places to visit, state-wide.

We didn’t manage to get to all of them, but the ones we did see were a real treat. The Marble Hill Ruins, Mount Lofty (pictured right) are still a rather grand structure, even after the Black Sunday bushfires in 1955. It is easy to imagine the grandiosity of the purpose built Governor’s summer residence with the 360 degree view and huge stone walls that still remain. The tour, run by the Friends of Marble Hill, is interesting and thorough and you can even have coffee and cake in the old stable house. Continue reading History in the Hills