80 Years of Fire Fighting

80 Years of Fire Fightingby Kendrea Rhodes

From 1928 to 1939, Lobethal had 2 fire brigades. The first was known as the Bushfire brigade, made up of farmers and their wives, whose equipment was meagre, but they had big hearts. The second was the Lobethal town brigade made up of towns’ men and women whose equipment was only a bit more substantial in that they had a hose and reel at their disposal. When they were needed, the men and women of the two brigades took their beaters (hessian bag soaked in water, tied to the end of a stick) in answer to the call. They were on the front line with very little equipment, yet they were there, these courageous volunteers. Continue reading 80 Years of Fire Fighting


The Lobethal Grand Prixby Kendrea Rhodes

If I said Dodge Special, Vauxhaull J Model, Super Charged MG, ‘A’ Model Ford, AT Chevrolet or Ford V8 Special, you’d think I was just talking about old fashioned cars. Well these are not just cars, they are mechanical masterpieces, built to race with thumping engines and graceful bodylines. These majestic beasts, and more, will be devouring the Lobethal racing circuit in a spirited demonstration of their prowess, and in the footsteps of their predecessors. Continue reading The LOBETHAL GRAND PRIX