Hills Youth TheatreThe words, “We get knocked down, but we get up again, you ain’t ever gonna keep me down,” to Chumbawamba’s song, Tubthumping, pumped rhythmically from speakers throughout the Stirling Community Theatre. Twenty-three children were on stage, in costume and 7 of them were all red, dancing to this catchy tune. The audience were tapping their feet and humming along to the empowering lyrics. It was Saturday, November the 29th and the Hills Youth Theatre, junior classes, were performing their annual play with talent, poise and a certain unexpected concentration level for 6-10 year olds. Continue reading HILLS YOUTH THEATRE

Top of the Torrens Gallery

Top of the Torrens GalleryTop of the Torrens Gallery was abuzz for the opening of the Birdwood High School Exhibition on Friday, 14th November, which was opened by local artist Bill Cook, who was an art teacher for 40 years.

He complimented the students and the teachers for the high standard of work, which will be moderated for year 12 assessment at the Gallery. Hannie Khune’s photos of 100 pairs of hands of every age from 1 to 100 are fascinating and Elke Cunningham’s brilliant rain forest collage is a feature. Continue reading Top of the Torrens Gallery