From the Bay to Birdwood in a ’64 Fairlane

'64 FairlaneStory and photo by Kendrea Rhodes

In 1964 “Pat” Seidel, a farmer from Kenton Valley, traded in his 1951 Ford for a brand new, compact Ford Fairlane. Quite an outlay for a normally frugal farmer – but it was a decision he never regretted and one that his descendants are now grateful for.

Pat took the car out to church, shopping and family events, but mostly it stayed in the shed, well cared for and much admired for 25 years. The 500 sedan, with a 289cc V8 engine, was still in good condition when he passed away in 1989, leaving the family in a quandary as to what to do with it. Continue reading From the Bay to Birdwood in a ’64 Fairlane

Holly & the Buddies to help Herbie

Holly and the Buddies to help HerbiePopular Adelaide rock ‘n’ roll band, Holly and the Buddies, will be performing at the Stanley Bridge Hotel in Verdun to help out an old friend, Herbie the Love Bug. The performance, to be held on Sunday, September 27, is in support of SA Variety Bash Car Number 53, otherwise known as Herbie, who has just returned from Alice Springs after completing this year’s Variety Bash. Held annually, the event attracted 91 entries and raised in excess of $1.9 million to assist South Australian children in need. Continue reading Holly & the Buddies to help Herbie