Torrens Valley Soccer Club“By all means, engage in positive but controlled encouragement such as ‘Well done Billy’”. This is advice from the Torrens Valley Soccer Club’s website on ‘Parents Code of Behaviour’. The site goes on to say that there should be no abusive shouting, no destructive criticism, no hysterics and no sideline coaching from parents. This might seem like it’s stating the obvious, but its all part of the professional direction that this Birdwood based soccer club is taking.

In the mid 80’s a group of people, who didn’t want to play Aussie rules, got together and formed the Torrens Valley Soccer Club. With grants from the local council and community help, they developed the pitch at Birdwood Park and became the Torrens Valley Soccer Club (The Rams). Now they have over 120 players and active parents involved in the running of the club. Continue reading TORRENS VALLEY SOCCER CLUB

Haven’t visited the new Woodside Library yet?

New Woodside LibraryThen here’s some great reasons to drop in at your earliest opportunity!

As part of joining the library, you will receive a free library bag.

You can then choose from a ton of books, DVDs, CDs, PC games, magazines, graphic novels and comics, and if you want something that isn’t on the shelf, we can find it at another library and get it sent to Woodside for you!

Newspapers are delivered each day for you to read and the latest magazines wait patiently to be flipped through while you have a coffee or hot chocolate. Continue reading Haven’t visited the new Woodside Library yet?