Torrens Valley Lions enjoy a well-earned rest!

Torrens Valley LionsSeveral members of the Torrens Valley Lions Club took time out recently to enjoy a social weekend of camping and fellowship at Melrose, together with partners and friends.

Participants are seen here cooking a communal roast dinner on the campfire complete with vegetables and damper!

This weekend was a well-earned rest, at the culmination of a busy year of service to the community. Continue reading

The Australian Youth Choir

The Australian Youth ChoirBy Kendrea Rhodes

Most of us like to sing, whether it’s in your imagination, or in the shower. Perhaps it’s a soft hum along with the radio, or at the top of your voice on a mountain in Austria. Of course, the situations in which you can sing are endless. But for two young hill’s choristers there’s one of particular importance; the Australian Youth Choir. Continue reading