Trees For Life’s Annual Distribution Day

Pictured from left to right are Joe Demasi, Rob Smith, Teresa Nurmela, Sue Milne, Gillian Taylor and Mark Nurmela.

Hundreds of people came together for the environment last Sunday, most of them volunteers who will now be spending the next six months growing native seedlings in their backyards as part of Trees For Life’s growing season. Continue reading

Native Grass Establishment Field Day

Pictured above: Andrew Fairney, Dr Ian Chivers, Bob Myers and Maddy Clonan in a field of Rytidosperma geniculata (Wallaby grass) at the Mount Pleasant Seed Production Orchard

The Upper Torrens Land Management Project (UTLMP) Grassy Groundcover Restoration Project hosted a workshop and visit to the field day on Tuesday, November 11th at Mount Pleasant with Native Seeds Pty Ltd in a workshop focusing on native grasses. Continue reading