Birdwood High School enters first ever World School’s Golf Challenge

Birdwood High School Golf ChallengeTwo teams from the Birdwood High School travelled to Christchurch, New Zealand, earlier in April to compete in the first ever World Student Golf Challenge. Student teams from around the world will be competing.

There are 54 teams from around the world competing in this world-first event in Christchurch, New Zealand.
27 schools from Australia (17 teams), South Africa (7 teams) and New Zealand (30 teams) will contest in the event at four different Christchurch courses (Coringa, Templeton, Waitkiri and Harewood).

The 216 players taking part, will complete one practice round before a gala opening ceremony at St Bedes College (N.Z) ahead of the tournament.
The event is sponsored by Christchurch City and the PGA International Golf Institute and is endorsed by the NZ Golf and Canterbury Golf Association.

Our two teams comprise of: Daniel Schultz, Matthew Fuller, Dylan Gilbert, Robert Edwards, Leon Plunkett, Mark Pollock, Jamie Clarke and James Tregenza.
Staff attending are David Swann (Maths / Boys in Education / Golf Coordinator) and Ian Tooley (Principal).

Our young men are highly motivated and have been working very hard to both raise funds and to improve their golf handicap. The boy’s ages range from 15 to 18 years.

In the middle of 2006 none of the boys had a golf handicap, but now their handicaps range from 15 to 30.
They are also members at the Mt Pleasant District Golf Club and the Oakbank Golf Club.

This opportunity has grown out of the highly successful golf programme introduced in 2005 by teacher, Dave Swann.
The Birdwood High School promotes golf as an elective subject for years 10 and 11 students.
In the Golf class the students learn the basic skills of golf, the rules and the history of the game.

The teams from Birdwood High have been practising for this competition for about 6 months and have organised their whole trip as part of their course.
Dave and the teams are extremely thankful for the generous sponsorship they have received from Cummins International Generator and Diesel Engine Manufacturing, Cockatoo Ridge Wines and our local Torrens Valley Lions Club.

Competing teams from Australia include: Birdwood High, Henley High, Illawarra Sports High, St Bedes College & St Michaels College.