Visit ‘Big Ears’ These School Holidays!

Visit ‘Big Ears’ These School Holidays!With the cooler Autumn School holidays here, a tourist attraction at Littlehampton has a special treat for visitors, which is guaranteed to amuse both children and adults alike. Platform 1 Heritage Farm Railway has a sheep called “Big Ears’ (pictured right), that runs alongside visitors whilst they travel on the train.

‘Big Ears” started to display this unusual behaviour as a lamb whilst she was being hand reared by the owner of Platform 1, Mr. Glenn Liebelt. Now an adult sheep, she makes sure that every train load of visitors are personally escorted around her paddock. Visitors can pat and feed “Big Ears” as they travel along on the train. Continue reading Visit ‘Big Ears’ These School Holidays!

“A Variety Show”

A Variety ShowThe Top Of The Torrens Theatre Group is now in rehearsals for their next production, titled, “A Variety Show”. In 2006 the TOTT, proudly assisted “The Strolling Tones” in donating $55,000 towards cancer research with a series of concerts entitled, “Wipeout”.

Directors, Helen Holliday and Gloria Seymour, with Musical Director, Kristina Vonow, and a wonderful cast of talented performers are focused on putting together a variety show that will also benefit cancer research. Songs from musicals and the sixties as well as an “Australiana” set are sure to “hit a chord” with many patrons. Continue reading “A Variety Show”

Highland Gathering at Mt Barker

Highland Gathering at Mt BarkerIt was a far cry from traditional Scottish weather for the Mt Barker Highland Gathering held recently at the Mt Barker oval. It was hot, but spirits were not dampened, with entertainment including caber tossing and haggis tossing, medieval duelling, Highland dancing and Pipe band competition.

The caber and haggis tossing was open to the public with getting the balance on the heavy caber half the battle! The medieval swordsmen wore protective clothing weighing nearly 30kg!On a day in the mid 30’s Celcius that alone deserved a medal! Continue reading Highland Gathering at Mt Barker

Another Pleasant Show!

Another Pleasant Show!As the motorbike took off with a roar, the rider skilfully guided the bike up onto the roof of the car. As he balanced precariously for a few seconds, the crowd fell silent. Calmly, he rode across the roof, onto the bonnet and gently landed back onto the ground. The enthusiastic crowd came to life, cheering and clapping for more.

Welcome to the Mount Pleasant Show, held on March 15, 2008. With the temperature pushing the high 30’s, ice-creams, slushies and cold drinks were in hot demand and these stalls did a booming trade. The large crowd were well catered for by a number of local community groups, who provided a variety of mouth-watering hamburgers, steak sandwiches and sausage sizzles etc. Local produce was also on sale, including strawberries and ice-creams, honey, German Metwurst and wine. Continue reading Another Pleasant Show!