Visit ‘Big Ears’ These School Holidays!

Visit ‘Big Ears’ These School Holidays!With the cooler Autumn School holidays here, a tourist attraction at Littlehampton has a special treat for visitors, which is guaranteed to amuse both children and adults alike. Platform 1 Heritage Farm Railway has a sheep called “Big Ears’ (pictured right), that runs alongside visitors whilst they travel on the train.

‘Big Ears” started to display this unusual behaviour as a lamb whilst she was being hand reared by the owner of Platform 1, Mr. Glenn Liebelt. Now an adult sheep, she makes sure that every train load of visitors are personally escorted around her paddock. Visitors can pat and feed “Big Ears” as they travel along on the train.

The train ride travels through the historic farmyard and out into the open paddock. Visitors learn the history of the 300 year old river red gum tree and how the Liebelt family has farmed their picturesque property since the 1800’s.

Not only is ‘Big Ears’ feeling refreshed from the cooler autumn weather but many of the farm cows are giving birth to their calves who are frolicking around the paddock as well. Visitors can meet and feed Ruby the pig, ‘Miss Moo” the cow, “Bill” the horse and the other friendly animals.

While the children are entertained with the animals or playing in the train shed with the ‘hands-on’ railway memorabilia, parents can take a few minutes out and enjoy a cappuccino and homemade scone in the century old barn. “Autumn is a great time to visit, the green grass is coming up, the autumn leaves are beautiful and the baby calves are very cute,” Mr. Glenn Liebelt said.

Platform 1 Heritage Farm Railway is open all school holidays from 10am and is a great family outing! For more information, please phone 8391 2696 or visit the website