Local breeder shows success with the right royal shave!

Success with the Right Royal ShaveLong renowned and admired for their shaggy coats and long horns, the Highland breed is oft dismissed in the Beef Cattle arena, so at this years Royal Adelaide Show a local Highland Stud decided to give their animals a right royal shave and it proved a huge hit both in and out of the judging ring!

Much to the chagrin of some of the breed’s more staid followers, but with positive comments from the Judges, the public and breeders alike Kersbrook’s Gathbodhan Cattle moved up a notch in it’s aim to have the breed re-establish its niche place as a boutique quality beef breed and force many of the more established breeds and breeders to take another look. Continue reading

What a load of rubbish!

What a load of rubbish! by Kendrea Rhodesby Kendrea Rhodes

Have you ever got dressed up to go somewhere only to find your destination closed? Well, this happened to my family one rainy Sunday. We donned our gum boots, gloves, old clothes and cleaned up the property in preparation for summer.

The trailer was full and off we went to the Mt. Charles Landfill Facility in Woodside (the tip). We arrived to find the gates locked and a rustic tip-worthy sign saying “Dump Closed to Public”, well that’s clear and concise. However, it wasn’t enough for us hardy tip goers. We demanded to know more, and as luck would have it, there was an Adelaide Hills Council sign providing alternatives at Heathfield, Campbelltown and Strathalbyn, all too far for us! However closer to home was the Onkaparinga Waste and Recycling Depot, a private enterprise in Woodside. Continue reading

New Penny Pony Book

New Penny Pony BookHot on the ‘heels and hooves achievements’ of our outstanding 2008 Olympic Equestrians, especially South Australia’s own Megan Jones and her fabulous grey horse Kirby Park Irish Jester, a new book for horse/pony lovers has been released by well-known local author/publisher, Glenda Couch-Keen. Continue reading