Local breeder shows success with the right royal shave!

Success with the Right Royal ShaveLong renowned and admired for their shaggy coats and long horns, the Highland breed is oft dismissed in the Beef Cattle arena, so at this years Royal Adelaide Show a local Highland Stud decided to give their animals a right royal shave and it proved a huge hit both in and out of the judging ring!

Much to the chagrin of some of the breed’s more staid followers, but with positive comments from the Judges, the public and breeders alike Kersbrook’s Gathbodhan Cattle moved up a notch in it’s aim to have the breed re-establish its niche place as a boutique quality beef breed and force many of the more established breeds and breeders to take another look.

Stud owner Chris Parham commented that after the studs 6 years of success showing their animals in the more traditional manner, it was now time for another side to the breed to be exposed.

Success with the Right Royal ShaveFor hidden under those hairy good looks, the local Stud’s successful breeding program had produced animals that also carried themselves well with good structure, good conformation and a good tasty side of beef.

Just perfect Chris says for the smaller area farmers of the Adelaide Hills and Barossa region, for their easier managed frame score size can dress out at a higher percentage than many of the larger bodied breeds.

Good looking paddock animals with plenty of great tasting low cholesterol meat for the dinner plate.

Caption 1. On with the clippers and off with the hair! Sarah Truran from VPC Cattle Services preparing a Highland Cow for the Interbreed Champion judging.

Caption 2. 2008 Royal Show Beef Cattle Judge, Mr. Chris Knox, and Sharon Cimarosti of LG Matten Saddlery with Gathbodhan’s, Rebecca Hehir, and her Highland Bull as the Supreme Exhibit.