A Kersbrook Tree Change

A Kersbrook Tree ChangePeter and Julianne McClelland (pictured) have lived in Kersbrook for 22 years and during that time they’ve been a part of the ‘commute to work brigade’, driving down the hill to jobs in Adelaide. For most people, a 13 acre property to live on with their two children, and a life in a rural country town would actually be a good enough change. But Peter and Julianne wanted a one hundred percent ‘tree change’, which meant moving their livelihood closer to home too.

Twelve months ago, on May 14th, they took over the Kersbrook Thrifty Link Hardware. They traded in their hefty fuel bills and daily travel hours for a stroll down the road! This fact alone was tonic enough to spur them headlong into their new careers. They celebrated their first anniversary with a BBQ for their customers on Sunday the 16th of May this year.

Peter and Julianne make a great team, each with skills that complement the other. Julianne said “Peter’s ability to work things out is so valuable to the business and our customers”. He’s been in manufacturing all his life and his knowledge is a huge advantage. Previously he was the part owner of a motor body building business and has been commended by the Police Force for vehicle designs. Julianne grew up on a farm on the Yorke Peninsula and has good ‘animal’ knowledge, in particular with sheep and chickens, but also horses and cattle too. Not to mention the fact they’ve had first hand experience setting up their own properties over the years with fire fighting systems, fencing, watering systems, weed & pest control, gardening and livestock.

Increasing stock levels in the hardware store has been a priority, in particular the fodder and animal products. They will always try to locate and order the unusual things that people need. Julianne said, “it’s good to be a part of the Thrifty Link Group because it gives us nationwide buying power which makes us competitive … [on price and range] with the metropolitan stores”. One of their aims is to provide a service to the community that they’ve been involved in for so many years, through the Primary School, Football and Cricket clubs, and socially too.

The Kersbrook Thrifty Link currently employs local people and sponsor the local football and cricket clubs, as well as the Torrens Valley Soccer Club, based at Birdwood. You could say they are now more involved in their community than ever before. Please call Peter and Julianne on 8389 3097 or drop in to the store on Main Road, Kersbrook.