Crawler Tractor Day

Story ThumbnailA “Crawler Tractor Day” was held recently on Ross Harvey’s property at Cudlee Creek with twenty drivers putting their crawler tractors through their paces.

It was an excellent day as they all climbed around the winding tracks cut into the sides of the steep hills on the property.
The day consisted of a photo get together and start-up of all the tractors.

This was followed by a two-hour trek following one another up into the hills and then back to the house for lunch.

In the afternoon, another trek in a different direction took place with stops for photos on the dam banks and creek crossings.

Tractors ranged from a giant D9 Caterpillar to smaller Oliver crawlers.

Ross Harvey led the way with his Mountain type Ferguson while the younger lads followed the group with the fire truck for safety.

At the end of the day, all the visiting tractors were loaded and before departing, discussions were held about the next trek as it was such an amazing event.

Surely with the height of some of the hills we went up, we were very close to crawler tractor heaven!