Custom Framing Revolutionised!

Story ThumbnailMichael and Christine of Murphy Framing in Birdwood, (founding members of the Picture Framers Guild SA) aim to keep attune to the latest developments in sound framing practices.

Since commencement in 2000, the home based business has steadily grown and offers personal top quality professional service.

Their newly acquired Wizard Computer Mat Cutter now provides opportunity for countless decorative mat cut designs and various shaped openings.

Designs that can be incorporated into the mat include alphabet letter openings, sporting, music, or child / baby motifs.

Openings can have rounded or decorative corners.

Designs can be created from scratch for special requirements, including business logos.

Multiple decorative openings are a great option and ‘v’ – grooves an easy addition to nearly every opening choice.

For those who wonder what the fuss is about: The mat is a functional part of any framed work.

It provides a decorative border around prints, photographs, needlework / textiles, and original artwork.

Importantly it prevents the framed work from being pressed up against the glass consequently protecting it from damage.

Space between the glass and artwork allows for air expansion and contraction with seasonal climate changes, inhibits mould growth, and prevents photographs from sticking to the glass over time.

Mats are available in a wide variety of colours and textures, in both standard acid free, and Rag Mats which are a completely cotton mat with long life preservation in mind.

Christine’s watercolours provide framing examples that are currently displayed in their home and also at the FJ Café and Top of the Torrens Gallery in Birdwood.

Spring 2006 Special: Free V-Groove around opening. To discuss any requirements and to find out how our new designs can create a pleasing result for you, enquire on 8568 5137.