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Gumeracha Games

By Kendrea Rhodes

When the Olympics, Commonwealth Games or any world series event comes to our TV screens (or in person) many are enthralled by the exquisite talent and dedication. So, if that’s you, if you’re a competitor, a super-spectator or team manager then get ready: the Gumeracha Games are coming!

The first day of summer this year heralds the inaugural Gumeracha Games, where emergency service teams, sporting clubs and friends compete to test their prowess (maybe that’s too strong — it’s more about fun) on the Gumeracha Oval. The point is not to crown a winning team necessarily, but to raise money for a new siren at the Gumeracha District CFS station in preparation for the bush fire season.

The Gumeracha District CFS station currently works with 30 volunteers but has a capacity for up to 43 and would welcome all new volunteers. The old siren has been in use since the 1950s but sounded its last echo during the frosty days of winter this year. Being cast iron and almost 70 years old, winter was always a demanding time, requiring a lot of maintenance. A vote was put to the community regarding replacement and the response was unanimous: the district wants a new siren. This is a reliable warning system with generator backup, so when the electricity is cut, it still warns the entire district.

The siren itself could cost somewhere between $7,000 to $15,000 which explains why fund-raising events such as this are so important. The Gumeracha Games are a non-profit event, sponsored by Bank SA, Evofit and the Gumeracha Hotel. Every dollar raised will support a new and much needed community emergency device.

The idea for the Gumeracha Games is to gather a team of eight people from your CFS unit, sporting club, emergency services unit (SES, police, ambulance), workplace, club or friends and complete the obstacle course, among other quirky events yet to be devised. The term ‘Mini Olympics’ has been touted, but the jury’s out on which Olympic event parallels the esteemed egg and spoon race. However, two things are certain: it’s a great cause, and will be great fun.

The obstacle course and sporting events are organised by Evofit’s Mandy Napier, who is currently contemplating a uniform swap relay and other interesting items. Get your team together and enter ($10 per person entry fee, details below). 

Stall holders are also invited to sell their wares and help the community at the same time. The stall holder fee goes directly to the CFS siren fund ($20 per site plus your own insurance, details below).

The Gumeracha Games are organised by the community minded Bank SA in Woodside. Branch Manager, Tony Hobbs and Senior Customer Service Manager, Jacqui Smyth are committed to the Adelaide Hills community and supporting people in down to earth, face to face ways. ‘The siren is a big part of safety for the town with the fire season coming … if we can help in any way we will,’ Tony said.

To enter a team, book a stall or find out more, please call Jacqui Smyth on 0430 300 417 or email, or visit the Gumeracha Games Facebook page. To find out more about volunteering for the Gumeracha District CFS brigade, please call Brigade Captain Hans Liedig on 0428 719 616 or email   

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