Gumeracha General Store

Gumeracha General StoreLong before the days of the supermarket, department store or shopping mall, there was a general store in every small town and on many city street corners. These were truly “general” stores, stocking every daily necessity required by its customers from popcorn to car tyres, banana’s to garden gloves and the essentials; bread, milk and newspapers. Those were the days that people looked upon a venture to the store as an outing, not a chore. These days we are known as “consumers who make purchase decisions based on demographic trends”. But in times gone by, the general store owners knew all their customers by name, was a friend and advisor, as well as a happy face.

Well, in Gumeracha, a rejuvenation of the old “general store traditions” may be occurring, with new owners, Cheryl Nauschutz and Daryn Cornelius. Cheryl and Daryn scoured the whole country to find, what they believe to be the best community store in Australia. Having recently both worked in retail and marketing in Queensland, they desperately wanted to get out of (what they describe as) “the rat race”. Getting back to the grass roots of retailing was their plan, where they could be a part of the community in which they work, getting to know people and fit in as community members. They chose Gumeracha’s store for reasons such as facilities available in the town, its proximity to Adelaide, the town’s country charm and character.

Cheryl and Daryn have many changes planned for the store, some which have been implemented already, like DVD’s for sale from just $2 and a weekly (horse) race tipping competition which is in full swing. It costs $10 to enter, so if you think you know your racing drop in and see how it works. With Fathers Day fast approaching, it’s worth a trip into the store as they have a range of gifts including sporting, racing, AFL, Ford and Holden memorabilia. Starting on the 12th of September Daryn will be running a Spring Carnival promotion with 1st prize being a limited edition, framed Gunsynd print, signed by Roy Higgins and the last surviving owner, Bill Bishop. They also believe in using local suppliers wherever possible and so far you can pick up Tweedvale Milk, Rosie’s eggs, Paracombe honey, Emmaline’s cakes and McCues bread, to mention a few. They have an ATM machine, ciggies, takeaway food, and Cheryl makes a mean salad roll and sandwich.

Do yourself a favour, drop in and be part of the cheerful community that is the Gumeracha General Store (and do try their fabulous new espresso coffee). For more information, phone Daryn and Cheryl on 8389 1061.