Jane Reilly visits Lobethal Lutheran

Story ThumbnailLobethal is not known for fine, sunny weather, but Tuesday, May 23rd was an exception when the sun shone on a visit to the Lobethal Lutheran School by the Channel 10 helicopter and Jane Reilly.

The Student Representative Council invited Jane to drop in to the school and speak to the students about “Weather”.

The Lobethal Kindergarten children and parents shared this exciting event, beginning with assembling with great anticipation on the school oval to witness the landing of the helicopter.

Jane greeted all the children, shaking hands with many, and viewing a banner made by the Year 1 children with assistance by Mrs. Todor.

Jane was then formally welcomed by the Principal.

Representatives from each class had the opportunity to ask questions relating to the weather and Jane’s daily presentation on Channel 10.

They were surprised to hear that she memorised much of the nightly weather forecasts.

A special card with a message written by each student, and the front cover created by the Reception students was presented to Jane by the School Captains, along with a locally-made cake, to be shared with the Channel 10 team.

Jane then visited the Year 1 classroom to view the students’ work, while all children were able to walk around the helicopter, seeing at close quarters, how it is operated.

By the time the helicopter had flown off, everybody had tired arms from their enthusiastic waving.

Jane certainly impressed all with her warmth.

The School community was certainly appreciative of the time taken by the very busy Channel 10 crew and Jane Reilly in particular.