Kavel Scholarship for Oakbank School student

At only 17 years old, Ms Lucey Pfeiffer is quietly determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a physiotherapist so she can help children who have suffered serious injury to walk again. Ms Pfeiffer is pictured here with Dan Cregan MP (right) and Principal Bruce Oerman (left).

Seven years ago Ms Pfeiffer’s step-sister, then aged 9, was involved in a motor vehicle accident where she sustained a diffuse axonal acquired injury and lost her ability to walk, talk and eat. 

“My step-sister spent five months in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital undergoing constant therapy sessions. I saw first-hand how both occupational therapy and physiotherapy helped her re-gain her mobility and this has influenced my decision to study physiotherapy,” said Ms Pfeiffer.

“One day I would like to help young people, like my step-sister, re-gain their mobility and to walk again,” she said. 

Ms Pfeiffer was surprised when she learnt she had been awarded the Kavel Scholarship, “I felt like my hard work, stressing over assignments and staying up late to study had paid off.”

Ms Pfeiffer’s mother, Leila Schrapel, said that following her step-sister’s accident, Lucey became determined to follow her dream of working in the rehabilitation field. “We are very proud of both girls who have strived to succeed in their own ways”, Ms Schrapel said. 

Dan Cregan MP, Member for Kavel, said Lucey is a worthy recipient of the Kavel Scholarship. “It’s an honour to be able to support Lucey who is a caring and compassionate young person. “

Oakbank School Principal Mr Bruce Oerman said that Lucey was a stand-out contender for the Kavel Scholarship. “Lucey has always known what she wanted to do as a career and that has helped to shape her subject choices and pathway to university.”

“Our school community was very appreciative of Dan’s support through this new scholar ship fund”, Mr Oerman added. Ms Lucey Pfeiffer has received one of two Kavel Scholarships which Mr Cregan has personally funded, with Mount Barker High School’s Ms Amelia Andrews, the first recipient last month.