KESAB clean up at Lobethal

KESAB Clean up at LobethalThe Lobethal Community Association completed its second roadside clean up on Sunday, March 15, 2009.

The two kilometres of the Lobethal-Woodside Road took the six volunteers just over two hours to pick up roadside rubbish with ten rubbish bags being filled.

A Mitsubishi muffler and a group of 50 tiles were among the more unusual discarded items.

Cardboard, confectionery, chip and take away packaging made up the bulk of rubbish with cigarette butts being the most numerous item.

Larger items were iron sheets, fuel tins and a video/TV console.

There were 72 refundable drink containers in the pick up.

KESAB provided the Lobethal Community Association with two handi-grip tools after the first clean up in October 2008. The handi-grip tools were appreciated for their exceptional design and function. The grips picked up most items, even bottle tops and cigarette butts with ease, and the length they provided helped to pick up items unusually out of reach.

If you would like to participate in the next roadside cleanup in June, contact Kathryn Featherstone on 8389 6162.