Kindy benefits from Christmas Tree Festival

Story ThumbnailSince 1990 when the first Christmas Tree Festival was held in Lobethal, to raise money for the Bible Society, a lot of money has been raised for this purpose.

Not only has the committee donated to the Bible Society but many local charities have benefited as well.

Over the last 16 years we have given $27,343 to the Bible Society, $1000 to the CFS, $500 to Restvale, $500 to Glenview Homes, $500 to the Balhannah Centre, $500 to the Onkaparinga Day Care Centre, $500 to the Onkaparinga Valley Residential Care, $500 to the Lobethal Lutheran Church Office, $350 to the Lobethal Information Centre, $100 to the Lobethal Town Development Group, more than $5000 to the Reception Centre, $500 to the Lobethal Hall Committee and now $500 to the Lobethal Community Kindergarten.

In many cases the money donated was earmarked for a specific purpose such as; paving, carpet cleaning, landscape gardening, photocopier, carpet and we have received many glowing letters of thanks for our efforts.

This makes all the work and effort put into the Festival by a small committee very rewarding and worthwhile.

Pictured from left to right: Lee, Bronwen and Margot with the cheque presented from the Lobethal Christmas Tree Festival to the Lobethal Community Kindergarten.