Klose’s Woodside is Open!

By Kendrea Rhodes

The wonderful wide aisles of the new Klose’s Foodland Supermarket and Cellarbrations stores in Woodside are a treat to navigate. Couple that with designer lighting and the myriad of colours bouncing from the fully stocked shelves, it feels like the only thing missing is the red carpet. The contemporary design of the new site oozes space, creating an enjoyable shopping experience that encourages browsing, menu planning, and new product discoveries! Then there are those times that a quick dash in and out is required—completely possible with oodles of parking, all your favourite products, and seven checkouts.

Klose’s Foodland Woodside and Cellarbrations employ 70 people, providing a huge boost to the local area and the Adelaide Hills. Not only do the new Woodside stores employ local people, they also support local businesses, local producers, and local suppliers, which indirectly supports further employment in the region, not to mention providing local products to their customers. In the end, everybody wins when you shop locally.

Klose’s team with their state IGA Community Award, 2020. For more than a century Klose’s Supermarkets have supported local sport, local schools, local community groups and local charity groups.

Klose’s were awarded the state’s IGA 2020 “Community Award” for excellence, acknowledging their continued commitment to the local community which includes sporting clubs, schools, and community organisations. This is particularly visible on a weekend at sporting venues across the hills where you are sure to see any number of players and teams with Klose’s logos on their shirts.

Carrying local goods also feeds into Klose’s environmental awareness standards. Reduced food miles mean lower environmental costs (using less resources and creating less pollution) and therefore lower costs for the customer. Paper carry bags, compostable produce bags, and recyclable meat trays are standard practice within the store, and its power is supplemented by a 100KW solar system, drawing energy from 333 solar panels.

And, in this age of social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions, you can also shop locally from the comforts of your own home, or on the go from your mobile phone. Visit klose.com.au, click SHOP (or type in shop.klose.com.au) and enjoy supporting your community in a way that suits you best. Delivery and pickup options are available.

There’s a lot happening at all of Klose’s Foodland stores across the Hills, and with the Nairne store due to open in Spring, more and more locals will benefit. Keep an eye on Facebook or their website for more information.

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