Learning Assistance Program – BIRDWOOD HIGH SCHOOL

Learning Assistance Program ThumbnailGood News!

The Learning Assistance Program at the Birdwood High School is up and running again. Several people responded to the article in Along the Grapevine and Bill Chartres has already begun helping a student with Technical Studies.
Bill lives in Lobethal, where he and his wife, Peg, generously open their garden every year for the Lobethal Lights Festival. Bill had a packing shed at Cudlee Creek, which was destroyed in the 1983 Ash Wednesday Fire. He subsequently got a job in the East End Market with a firm which specialised in Tropical Fruit.

Bill sourced the fruit and supervised its ripening and marketing. A bad back caused his early retirement and he kept himself busy researching his Family Tree, which he completed about 18 months ago. He then had a gap in his life and after reading the article in “The Grapevine” felt that this could be a way to fill that gap.

Bill is the ideal person to help students in Technical Studies, as his practical experience keeping thousands of lights functioning properly is testament to his ability. It is also obvious that he has a great love of children. He now helps a student every Tuesday morning.

Some students find it very difficult to express themselves and all they need to get them started is a little bit of patience and encouragement. This help can make all the difference to a child and affect their whole lives. The Birdwood High School has 700 students, so there is a great need for more members of the community to offer their time and talents to help the struggling students.

No matter what your skills and ability, Jean Colquhoun, who is in charge of the Learning Assistance Program, will be delighted to hear from you.

Give her a ring today on 8568 5100!