… popular attraction continues to “keep on track”

Popular Attraction Continues to Keep on TrackTwo Adelaide Hills businesses have joined forces to ensure that one local tourist attraction, Platform 1 Heritage Farm Railway, will continue running for years to come.

After 12 years of operation and carrying over 120,000 visitors, new wheels on the train at Platform 1 Heritage Farm Railway were required.

With the train travelling over 10,000 kilometres, owner Glenn Liebelt was faced with the task of finding an engineer who could specially manufacture the new wheels for his carriages.

Because of the intricate nature of the project, Mr. Tomo Kiseli of Nairne Engineering Pty Ltd was assigned the task to engineer bogies and wheels that were of the highest quality of workmanship.
“I was surprised that the job could be done locally and pleased that I didn’t have to have the wheels made interstate.

We are lucky to have an engineering firm with such state of the art equipment in our own backyard”, says Mr. Glenn Liebelt. With the new wheels completed and attached to the train, Platform 1 is ready to “roll” into the school holidays and the new year.

This project allows Platform 1 to expand its infrastructure that will ensure this popular attraction continues to “keep on track”.