The Mount Pleasant Red Cross Branch members received the National Distinguished Team Award. Kath Fisher received the Distinguished Service Award.

Red Cross Distinguished Service Awards

By Kendrea Rhodes

The Mount Pleasant Red Cross Branch celebrates its 80th birthday this year and what a way to rejoice with three national awards in the last 12 months. The Red Cross provides humanitarian and impartial support, without discrimination, to anyone in need. In one year the Red Cross delivers over 43,000 meals to people experiencing hardship* and during wartime the Red Cross is a sanctuary for those not taking part in the fighting.

The emblem — a red cross — means ‘Don’t shoot, we are not part of the fight.’ There are six active Red Cross branches across the Adelaide Hills. The Mount Pleasant Red Cross Branch have operated through wartime and peace since 1939. They started by knitting socks and scarves for soldiers and, last year, were recognized for outstanding teamwork with a National Distinguished Team Award. They work closely with the Mount Pleasant Men’s Shed and as a community, they all pitch in and help wherever they are needed. It is a well thought of branch, with some dedicated members who have been volunteering for over 50 years!

In June, Kath Fisher will receive the National Red Cross Distinguished Service Award, recognizing her commitment and leadership to the Red Cross and the community. Kath has volunteered for the Mount Pleasant branch of the Red Cross for almost 40 years as the branch secretary and is very proud of the team: ‘My love is Red Cross – it’s helping people!’ she said.

Earlier this year, the Branch were awarded the Most Successful Events Award for the Annual Red Cross Garden Party. For the past 29 years, the Mount Pleasant Red Cross Branch have teamed up with Fiona and Hugh MacLachlan, owners of the Glen Devon property. Fiona and Hugh have opened their hearts and garden to raise funds and work with the Red Cross. Visitors enjoy a Devonshire morning tea, activities and regular guest (of 20+ years), Sophie Thompson. Sophie will join them again next year for the Glen Devon Garden Party’s 30th birthday celebration.

Alex Hahn from the Australian Red Cross said, ‘The Mount Pleasant Red Cross Branch is one of the strongest and longest running branches in the country.’ They meet five times per year and hold three regular events as well as helping out in times of need. If you would like to be a part of this amazing team, please call Kath on 8568 2294 or visit the Red Cross Website (this website is jam-packed with information about volunteering, first aid, donating, getting help and support, and much more).