Sterling Job by Lobethal Volunteers in Cleaning up Australia

Sterling Job by Lobethal Volunteers in Cleaning up AustraliaFive Lobethal Community Association Inc (LCA) volunteers worked for two hours on Sunday afternoon, March 7th, picking up rubbish from the Old Woollen Mill corner along Woodside Road to Kayannie Corner, Lobethal. The day coincided with Clean Up Australia Day and these five volunteers were a part of more than 61,000 volunteers Australia-wide caring for the environment and their local communities. The LCA is supported by the state program KESAB.

The small size rubbish was mainly drink and fast food containers, confectionary wrappings and beer bottles. Approximately 30 recyclable drink containers were retrieved. Larger rubbish was made up of various car parts, a motor bike tyre, a small car tyre and a 2 gallon empty fuel tin. Clothing this time was outer wear (last clean up it was underwear), such as tops and jackets. Cigarette boxes and butts continue to be discarded on the roadside. An audio cassette titled Learning to swim upstream was found; irony on our task of clearing rubbish once again along this road.

All volunteers noted the increased presence of small blue paper wrappings of individual confectionaries, Mentos. Specialist tools purchased with assistance from KESAB made the arduous task of picking up these small items possible for the volunteers.

One volunteer, recovering from a broken leg, assisted with collecting rubbish bags, putting them on her utility and transferring the rubbish bags to a collection point.
The Lobethal Community Association appreciates the Adelaide Hills Council collection of the rubbish each clean up.