Tapestry Sponsors Needed!

Tapestry Sponsors Needed!If you peep into the dressing room at the rear of the Lobethal Centennial Hall on any Monday morning between now and June 12th, you will find a group of between 12 and 20 volunteers learning the exacting art of tapestry weaving.

These volunteers are learning to increase their own skill base and to participate in the weaving of the historic tapestry of LOBETHAL. The fabulous design is all embracing and shows what gives Lobethal the right to call itself a historic Adelaide Hills township with an interesting past and vibrant present. Much public input went into the design and we are almost ready to show it to you.

The secretary has sent in yet another grant application and we are happy to report that we have received a $3,000 grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, even if we are successful with the latest application to the State Department of the Arts we are also expected to raise some money in the form of sponsorships and this is where you come in. Ten sponsors @ $100 each would raise $1,000 or one hundred sponsors @ $10 each would raise $1,000.

Some shop keepers have offered goods in kind to be raffled and we will be doing that later. This is a call to the people of the Lobethal district to throw their weight behind this project. Can you become a sponsor, big or small? Please contact the secretary, Chris on 8383 6102 to make your donation to a lasting work of art dedicated to the history of Lobethal.

Pictured at front from left to right are: Dianne Schwarz (student and resident of Lobethal), Katharina Urban (teacher), Joyce Schilling (student and resident of Lobethal) with other students in the background who are all volunteering to help weave the large tapestry!