The Upper Torrens Writers

Story ThumbnailsThe Upper Torrens Writers consist of six people from very different backgrounds who have become friends over quite a number of years.

The group meets regularly to practice their writing skills and have maintained enjoyment and humour whilst polishing their craft.

Their work ranges from fantasy and historical to downright spooky fiction as well as tales aimed at adolescent and young adult readers.

The Upper Torrens Writers Inc have published two successful collections of their work, “Enter Without Knocking” and “Round the Table”.

A third collection, “A garden of Cucumbers” will be launched on October 8th this year.

The group held some successful Reading/Coffee Evenings last year as well as two writing competitions with another competition currently underway with posters advertising the event liberally distributed throughout the region.

“We anticipate a good response to the competition from writers and would be writers, as it is a rocky road for any aspiring author to gain recognition,” Ros Dickenson said.

“The struggle for publication has been well documented,” Ros added.

One or two of the group must claim to be in the professional genre with several publications under their belt.

All the members have something in common … the wish to communicate and the need to convey their thoughts onto paper!

The Upper Torrens Writers Inc is a small and intimate group that recruits its members conservatively.

This path is chosen happily as they are then able to hone their own particular talent in a friendly and helpful atmosphere.