The Whistle Blows Again

48.jpgIf you were in the vicinity of the Old Mill on Saturday, April 21st, you may have heard the Mill Whistle blow!
Alistair and Phil of the Lobethal Bierhaus, together with Brian Brock from the Lobethal Heritage Association, got together at the Bierhaus and connected the old whistle to a boiler.

The whistle is currently on display at the Heart of the Hills Market in the Woollen Mill display.
Brian took the whistle up the road and a plumber connected it to a gas boiler, and pulled the cord exactly on 1 o’clock for a few moments.
Some townspeople heard it and came to investigate so the whistle was blown a few times for a few seconds.
This would be the first time the whistle has blown since the Mill closed in 1993!
To many of the people of Lobethal it brought back memories of a larger part of their lives.
The Lobethal Bierhaus is due to open on May 26th, 2007 and Alistair and Phil are keen to promote the history of the Mill.
It won’t be long before we know how significant the collection in Building 19 is but meanwhile members continue to promote the memorabilia in the Market and to work on the collection in Building 19.
Nothing worth having ever came easy and the ex-mill workers are gradually making headway.

The next meeting will be held on May 9th at 7 pm in the rear of the Centennial Hall.
We welcome anyone interested in the Old Mill.
Please contact Brian Brock on 8389 6725, after hours, or Ann Parker-Brunn on 8389 6418 for further information OR if you have information about the Mill you would like to pass on to us.

Brian Brock, Chairperson for the
Lobethal Heritage Association Inc.