Top of the Torrens Gallery

Story ThumbnailA new exhibition at Top of the Torrens Gallery called Blending the Arts was opened in January by Birdwood identity, Timothy Sexton, who is well known as a Composer, Conductor and Musical Director.

All the work in this exhibition is inspired by some other art form, and Timothy enlarged upon this by explaining just how entwined all art forms are and how important they are to us as complete human beings.

Madge Ellis’s large oil painting of “Sue and her cello”, Rosemary Rowe’s French Horn, Christine Murphy’s Flute and Max Magain’s sculptured Saxophone were of course inspired by musical instruments, whilst Dianne Leslie’s “Cello Chicks” compared the voluptuous shape of the cello to the human female form.

Liz Collinge’s Symphony of Threads was also musically inspired whilst Dianne Greenwood looked to the Circus for one of her intriguing pieces.

Jan and Peter Crossing drew their inspiration from the Theatre for their works in glass and Leon Holmes used Henry Lawson’s poem, “On the Night Train”, for a trilogy of paintings and a Kath Walker poem, “I am Proud”, for a copper sculpture of an aboriginal stockman and his partner.

Joe Dennis’s four pastels are based on the Dorethea McKeller poem, “My Country”, and Marjorie Green’s delightful Hahndorf Garden scene is indicative of where Marjorie goes to feel close to God.

Karen Tavares’s tapestries are accompanied by some deep and meaningful thoughts whilst ballet is, of course, the inspiration for Kay Bridge’s “Ballerina”.

Dianna Mitchell’s large flower paintings on tiles are accompanied by matching poems.
Mary Milton, as usual blends the breeds of ducks in her exquisite watercolours.

Last but not least is Ros Dickenson, who is showing some of the original sketches for the intriguing children’s book about a pony called “Penny Down Under”.

It is fascinating to see just how a book is put together and Ros has some delightful prints of the original drawings for the incredibly low price of $10 a pair.
This is a community gallery in Birdwood run entirely by volunteers.

If you would like to exhibit or volunteer phone the gallery on 8568 5577 between 11am and 4pm any day except Tuesday, or just drop in and have a look.
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