Top of the Torrens Theatre Group Fresh Faces

The Top of the Torrens Theatre Group (ToTT) have a rich and wonderful history, bringing joy to audiences for over 20 years. They had major success and sold-out seasons with musicals, comedies and were particularly famous for their brilliant theatre restaurant shows. 

With Covid causing restrictions to rehearsals and performances, and with increasingly limited resources, the group faced an unpredictable future and plans for closure were discussed. Thankfully, a number of local theatre producers, directors and performers volunteered to step up to the committee so that the company could continue. 

At the helm is Maureen (Mo) Johnson as President. Mo comes with vast on and off stage theatre experience in the UK and Australia. “I couldn’t just sit back and watch this lovely group fold, there’s too much history and potential,” said Mo. 

Vice President Gordon Combes is an experienced performer and award-winning musical director. Normally booked up directing musicals in the city, Gordon was looking to support the theatre group to provide a local theatrical experience for his and other local children. 

Kristina Vonow was happy to step into the role of secretary. She has over 25 years of drama experience, teaching in primary and high schools. Kristina has also performed in a number of Top of the Torrens Theatre shows. 

The previous committee did a great job under difficult circumstances and are to be congratulated for their organisation and commitment. Several members will continue on the committee and are excited about new beginnings. For more information, follow Top of the Torrens Theatre Group on Facebook.