Town Founder Portrait Restoration Fund Exhibition

Town Founder Portrait Restoration Fund ExhibitionBalhannah – On December 21st, 1839, James Turnbull Thomson (Dundee Scotland) lodged the registration for Section 4208 including the ‘Great Road’ & ‘Stock Pens’. Prior to survey, this area was used for grazing by men waiting for the survey. James Thomson recorded in his diary that he named his township after his mother and sister Bell and Hannah.

Some controversy still exists in the naming and another thought is that in the old Scots language, Bal means Town, so maybe it was Town of Hannah = Bal Hannah. The Balhannah Soldiers’ Memorial Hall Hills Art and Craft Gallery will hold a “Town Founder Portrait Restoration Fund Exhibition” at the Hall, Onkaparinga Valley Road, Balhannah on July 14th to 15th and July 21st to 22nd, from 10am to 4pm with weekday opening by volunteer roster. There will also be the sale of Oakbank Area School Wines and hopefully more!

If you are interested in having a stall or exhibition and would like an entry form and guidelines, please call Dennis on 8398 0604, 0411 664 127 or email