What’s under my house?

A History Tour of the town of Littlehampton and surrounding areas will be held on Saturday, May 14th. This all day bus tour has been organised by the Littlehampton Community Association as a way for local residents to discover what the town of Littlehampton, and many Adelaide Hills towns, were like in years gone by.

Residents today may be surprised to learn that their house and backyard was used as a brick yard, a meat works, an ice cream factory or a farmer’s prized pasture paddock.

With funding from History SA, this tour will take visitors on a ‘behind the scenes’ look into the past of Littlehampton. Walk inside the brick kilns, visit the Church in the scrub, discover the local swimming pool and hear the stories of the past.

With the guidance of a local historian and leaving from the Littlehampton Primary School, the day will be spent exploring the unusual and interesting places of the town. Morning and afternoon tea is supplied with a Bring your own or Buy your own lunch at Miels Park.

“This day is a combination of several community groups and businesses in our town working together to showcase the rich and vibrant history of those who strived and worked to make the district what it is today”, said event organiser, Karen Liebelt.

The cost for the day is $25 for adults and $22 for children and bookings are essential.

For further information please phone 8391 2696 or visit the Littlehampton Community Association Facebook page.

Bookings can be made at www.trybooking.com.au/KHFD