Learning Assistance Program – BIRDWOOD HIGH SCHOOL

Learning Assistance Program ThumbnailGood News!

The Learning Assistance Program at the Birdwood High School is up and running again. Several people responded to the article in Along the Grapevine and Bill Chartres has already begun helping a student with Technical Studies.
Bill lives in Lobethal, where he and his wife, Peg, generously open their garden every year for the Lobethal Lights Festival. Bill had a packing shed at Cudlee Creek, which was destroyed in the 1983 Ash Wednesday Fire. He subsequently got a job in the East End Market with a firm which specialised in Tropical Fruit.

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“Farming as it Was”

Farming as it Was Thumbnail

The newly formed Eastern Hills Tractor Society Inc held a very successful “Farming as it was” Plough Day at Monarto on Sunday, May 6th. All proceeds from the day went to Canteen.

The idea for this day emulated from a couple of sources:-
Firstly, a tractor run which is run annually through the Adelaide Hills and secondly, from suggestions of actually working tractors with ploughs, preferably on ‘flats’ with working horses also a high priority.

An ideal ‘patch’ was offered by Trevor and Alice Jericho and a successful “Farming as it was” Plough Day in June 2005 became a reality. It was more successful than anyone had imagined it could be and the bigger boys had a great time playing with their bigger toys!

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“Enjoy the Season”

enjoy the season“Enjoy the Season”, is the current exhibition at Top of the Torrens Gallery in Birdwood. The exhibition was opened by Roland Weight of Riverton on Sunday, April 1st. The exhibition showcases the art work of four Mid North artists who are current members of the Balaklava Art Group.

Ana Tossell’s iconic Australian paintings are vibrant, whilst her delicate unframed watercolours are delightful and very affordable. Valerie Veitch’s brilliant landscapes and still life works are counterbalanced by three delightful portraits. Continue reading “Enjoy the Season”

The Whistle Blows Again

48.jpgIf you were in the vicinity of the Old Mill on Saturday, April 21st, you may have heard the Mill Whistle blow!
Alistair and Phil of the Lobethal Bierhaus, together with Brian Brock from the Lobethal Heritage Association, got together at the Bierhaus and connected the old whistle to a boiler.

The whistle is currently on display at the Heart of the Hills Market in the Woollen Mill display.
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