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Basket Range Sharing Shed

By Kendrea Rhodes

About 18 months ago, this old bus-shelter was termite ridden, slowly disintegrating and very much overlooked. But in its hey-day, from 1942 to 1970, the shed was regularly full of people waiting for the green and brown Graeber bus to take them to school, local towns, or into Adelaide. It was an important community meeting point and, while waiting for a bus, what else was there to do but talk or read a book?

Thanks to two local ladies, Alison Cranwell and Kate King, that community meeting point vibe at the bus shelter is in full swing again in the form of a ‘sharing shed’. Alison, Kate and committed community members renovated the shelter to create a place where people can “Take what you need — Give what you can”. At the Basket Range Sharing Shed you may meet others dropping off produce, tidying and sorting, or picking up produce, a book or magazine — all for free. This is actual sharing: no obligation, no bartering and no money. The only valuation is increased social capital within the community from a system based on trust, cooperation and understanding — essential elements for a well-adjusted society.

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Lenswood & Forest Range Celebrate

By Kendrea Rhodes

Lenswood and Forest Range is a community rich in life and living; an area so famous for its orchards, vineyards and wineries that you might not notice the thriving history group, well-attended community association, Cold Store Co-operative Society, lively cricket club, sacrosanct bowling green, Fred’s Tank, historic primary school, community traditions and dedicated locals. But they’re there.

In celebration of this vibrant community, the community association worked with the history group, the school, residents and the Adelaide Hills Council for two years developing the Heritage Trail at Lenswood Centennial Park to commemorate Lenswood’s centenary.

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Calendar Photo Competition

CE Property Group is proud to release a compilation of winning photographs with the 2020 Community Calendar (available from CE Property Group offices – Birdwood, Mannum, One Tree Hill for $10). All profits will be donated to the Lincoln Park Horse and Human Rehabilitation Centre at Monarto; a charity chosen by the public through a social media poll. The Centre was established to help defence veterans and horses in need, and relies heavily on support from volunteers, fundraising events and donations.

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Gumeracha Games

By Kendrea Rhodes

When the Olympics, Commonwealth Games or any world series event comes to our TV screens (or in person) many are enthralled by the exquisite talent and dedication. So, if that’s you, if you’re a competitor, a super-spectator or team manager then get ready: the Gumeracha Games are coming!

The first day of summer this year heralds the inaugural Gumeracha Games, where emergency service teams, sporting clubs and friends compete to test their prowess (maybe that’s too strong — it’s more about fun) on the Gumeracha Oval. The point is not to crown a winning team necessarily, but to raise money for a new siren at the Gumeracha District CFS station in preparation for the bush fire season.

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Primary School Arts Buzzing

By Kendrea Rhodes

‘Best Hair & Make Up’, ‘Best Popular Culture Story’ — Lobethal Lutheran School is brimming with State awards for their performing arts piece, ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go.’

The school entered their first Wakakirri Story Dance Challenge at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre this year, with an adaptation of several Dr. Seuss stories. The students and their performing arts teacher, Mrs Jo Vorstenbosch, continually collaborated on the script to develop the award-winning performance. It is no mean feat to create a professional performance from the ground up, perform at a professional venue and then to win two awards — that takes buckets of dedication.

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CFS Recruiting Now

By Kendrea Rhodes

The emergency services are a blessing. Knowing they will respond quickly creates that sense of security and freedom we’re accustomed to. South Australians have a deep respect for the Country Fire Service, and quite right — these are volunteers who drop everything and run towards danger, when everyone else runs away. And just in case you missed it: they are volunteers.

‘The CFS are more than a bushfire service … we are community based for the community,’ said Brigade Captain, Frank Regan. The Littlehampton CFS are a multi-hazard fire service on call 7 days a week, operating from a duty roster.

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