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Amberlight to Bierhaus Show & Shine

Story by Kendrea Rhodes.

Weekends in the Adelaide Hills resound with the low hum of motorcycle engines of all kinds — vintage, classic, modern, sports, cruisers, scooters and more — it’s a tune of tradition, inclusion, and camaraderie, ringing through the hills and valleys. For nearly a century, many motorcyclists have appreciated the ritual of riding through the Adelaide Hills, enjoying local communities and landscapes, particularly the many scenic roads to Lobethal.

The Amberlight Motorcycle Café in Lobethal has been a traditional stop enroute since the early 1930s and on Sunday March 6th, riders will stop for longer than usual to partake in the 2022 Amberlight to Bierhaus Motorcycle Show & Shine.

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Lego Art & Design

By Kendrea Rhodes

Everyone has a Lego story. Most include fun memories of creativity and time flying, lost in the peace of play. But every now and then, someone talks about the pain of packing up, or of stepping on a hidden piece in the carpet. It all adds to the memories. The fact that Lego, as a toy company, is still going strong after 90 years is testament to its quality, design and adaptability, which is something that Lobethal local, Nadia Lazor, of Bricking Awesome Designs, can attest to.

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Finch Powerhouse Woodside

By Kendrea Rhodes

The site of the old electricity power station on Tiers Road in Woodside has always been a talking point in the community. Built in the Art Deco style in 1925, the building commands attention with its era appropriate construction and design methods producing a geometric appearance—linear columns, castellated roofline, and stucco finish. Today, the building is home to Finch Powerhouse, veteran and classic car specialists.

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Lobethal Fodder Store

By Kendrea Rhodes

Natalie and Matt Egan had a vision. They wanted to create a fodder store with a difference, a shop focused on their love for animals and their desire for their lives to be centred within the Adelaide Hills. From their vision sprang the vibrant Lobethal Fodder Store which is soon to celebrate its two-year anniversary in February 2022.

“We wanted to create a beautiful space where people could not only come for their animal’s needs, but also beautiful giftware, local produce, plants and gardening needs too,” Natalie said.

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