BEANIE-KNIT-A-THONThe recent Gumeracha Uniting Church “Beanie–Knit-a-thon” was a tremendous success with 87 beanies displayed in the church on June 3rd, when Pam Jones of Wesley Care, Adelaide, took the service. All the men and Pam wore a beanie each! The lady knitters each carried a beanie they had knitted to the front of the church where a special prayer of thanksgiving was said.

All the beanies were sent to Byron Place, Adelaide for the homeless men who call in there.Also, some smaller and more colourful beanies were sent to StreetLink – a centre for usually younger men and women and often those with young children.The beanies will be gratefully worn by the men, women and children now that winter is here.

The Gumeracha Uniting Church members wish to thank those in the “wider community” who joined this “Beanie-Knit-a-thon” programme.Without the help of those people our programme would not have been so successful. We are indeed so grateful to them!

We have started on our next project –Guardian Angel Knitting for World Vision – over 30 pattern books have been distributed to our “family of knitters”. However, our supply of wool has almost diminished, so if anyone has any wool they no longer need or know of where we can purchase some at a discount price please contact Heather Lee on 8389 6220, Anne Cooper on 8389 1062 or Valda Hanna on 8389 1195.

Also please contact any of the above if you wish to join the Guardian Angel knitting programme or need more information.