Help needed to develop a Migrant Settlement Plan

valley-of-praise.jpgMoving to the other side of the world, knowing very little about where you are going, what it will be like or how to communicate with the people who live there, must be very challenging! This has been the experience of many of the newly arrived Migrants in Lobethal.

A local network of service providers has been formed to assist recently arrived migrants to make a smooth transition to their new home. The group is chaired by the Adelaide Hills Regional Development Board and includes representation from local and state government, schools and direct service providers.

Their intention is to develop a Migrant Settlement Plan for Lobethal which will facilitate settlement into our community for both current and future migrants. A consultation is being held with the Lobethal community to seek input into how to best support new arrivals.

Do you have any ideas, are interested in providing support in some way, would like to volunteer or have an issue you’d like to raise? Come along to a meeting to be held on Saturday, June 16th, 2007, from 11am in the upstairs Meeting Room at the Administration Building, Adelaide Hills Business and Tourism Centre, Lobethal.

For further information, please ring Kim Jordan on 0421 214 543.