Forest Range & Lenswood History Group

Most communities have memorials to commemorate those who fought in World War One. Many also have memorials, and sometimes buildings to commemorated World War Two. The communities of Forest Range and Lenswood share a World War One Memorial and a World War Two Memorial.

Both are housed on community land, Central Recreation Ground, 1430 Lobethal Road, Forest Range. Additionally, the oval at Lenswood (on Swamp Road) is Lenswood Memorial Park commemorating those who fought in World War Two. 

The Forest Range and Lenswood History Group developed a plan to honour those who fought in other wars and were successful in winning an Anzac Day Commemoration Fund grant in 2022. The Anzac Day Commemoration Fund is funded by the South Australian Government and administered through Veterans SA. This grant has supported the creation and installation of two signs close to our World War One memorial, that provides further information on World War One, and also points users to our website where we have begun a project to list service people from all of the conflicts in which Australia took part. 

The value of using a website to list the servicepeople, rather than a static sign, is that we can grow this page as more information comes to hand. For example, to date we have tracked just two soldiers from the Boer War. John Biggs was born in the district and fought in the Boer War before enlisting again in World War One and, unfortunately, losing his life. Will Pether purchased land at Lenswood (then known as Forest Range) when he returned from the Boer War. He too later fought in World War One. Both men still have relatives in the district. Of course, we are aware that there may be others not yet identified as combatants in that conflict and can easily update all information on the webpage as needed.

This is true for all conflicts that we are researching. We have listings for conflicts from 1899 to the present date with over 300 enlisted persons already listed. A form is available for anyone to suggest a name that we have not yet listed. 

Our new signs have been created and will be installed in the week before Anzac Day. Adelaide Hills Council Mayor Jan-Claire Wisdom has been asked to unveil the new signs at our annual Anzac Service. Our service is held at 10 am at 1430 Lobethal Road, Forest Range.