How to Create a Water-Wise Native Garden

Jenny Deans presents a workshop on “Biodiversity in Your Backyard.” Planting your garden with a diverse range of native plants will attract good bugs, bees and birds, while at the same time, provide you with a brilliant colourful display of flowers. 

Jenny will share her expert, practical advice, and garden tips that will help you select the best native plants for your garden and how to care for them.

“This workshop will be very practical and suitable for new gardeners who are looking for ideas about what to plant”, said Val Hunt, Coordinator of the Hills Environment Centre.

“We are focussing on plants suitable for areas with a similar climate to Woodside, but many native plants are quite adaptable,” she said.

Following the talk, the group will visit the Woody Trails BMX Track, which has been lovingly planted with natives, bush tucker and edible plants by the Love Woodside group.

“Woody Trails is a fantastic example of a community garden that has beautified the area and attracted wildlife and birds to this heavily used bike track. It is very much appreciated by the numerous visitors who come to ride or picnic here,” said Val.

Jenny Deans will present “Biodiversity in Your Backyard” on Saturday, October 16th from 1pm to 3pm, in the Positive Ageing Centre, 36 Nairne Road, Woodside. The cost is $10.00 and includes afternoon tea and some resources. Registration is essential so book your seat early by email: