Lobethal Tapestry Weavers

The Lobethal Tapestry Weavers, Katharina Urban, Wilma Bajka, Elly Webb and Christine Mackintosh, have recently received grants from the Adelaide Hills Council and Country Arts S.A.

These grants are to help finance the Weavers through the design phase and the teaching phase and other grants and sponsors are being sought to finance the weaving of a large tapestry, which is going to be a community event / activity and will be 250cms by 160cms in size!

The first step is the design phase, so, on Sunday, February 3rd in the dressing room at the rear of the Lobethal Centennial Hall from 10.00am until 1.00pm, Elly Webb will be listening to members of the community who have ideas for inclusion in the tapestry.

When you come please bring photographs and items of interest, and be sure of the dates and spelling of names for anything that you think worthy of a mention. Elly will return to consult with interested members of the community the following week at the second meeting on February 10th at the same time and place. Elly will then take away all the ideas and will work on the design.

By mid March she will have produced a full size cartoon (black and white) of the tapestry and a one third size picture of the design in full colour. Meanwhile, Katharina Urban will collect names and contact numbers of people who would like to learn to tapestry weave and participate in the weaving of the big tapestry.

She will run a 12 week course in Lobethal for willing students/workers in the art of tapestry weaving from Monday, March 31st until June 16th inclusive. The tuition will be free but participants may incur some costs for materials and equipment.
When the weavers are trained and further grants or donations have been received, a large tapestry loom will be set up in a public place in Lobethal.

The weavers will be rostered to work one of four days per week under the guidance of Katharina, Wilma and Elly and the beautiful and historical tapestry will grow before your very eyes. For further information, please contact Katharina – 8524 4753.