Adelaide Hills Original Bootcamp

Adelaide Hills Original BootcampKersbrook, Birdwood, Gawler & Mount Barker

The philosophy at the Adelaide Hills Original Bootcamp is to change the lives of people who are serious about recovering their health and fitness. Our Passion is in providing the opportunity for people to achieve their health goals.

All That’s Physical has to extend their services to go beyond the Physiotherapy Rooms and out into the community. Since securing the license to run Original Bootcamp courses in October 2006, the military based fitness program has gone from strength to strength.

Kersbrook was the first Adelaide Hills Original Bootcamp location and with popularity growing a second location was formed and has been operating in Birdwood. This month a further two locations have been opened in the Gawler and Mt Barker regions with exciting times ahead.

New recruits are just settling in to participate in a fun and motivating 1 hour session streamlining their bodies, and strengthening their determination. At Kersbrook these courses run 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6.30pm to 7.30pm for 4 weeks with the sessions held in the forests surrounding the Kersbrook area.

Bootcamp Xpress is run on Monday and Friday mornings at the Kersbrook Primary School Oval, from 9.15am to 10am designed to suit mums after they drop of their children to school. Thanks to the Digger James Platoon, you can run in Kersbrook, on a Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6.30-7.30pm.

Offering an alternative to clients recovering from injury or illness, including work related issues, these people can achieve amazing results taking them to realms they never imagined possible. The success of Original Bootcamp International is now moving overseas to America, New Zealand and Canada.

We have many personal success stories within the Adelaide Hills Bootcamp, such as a 58 year old women wanting to trek the Kakoda Trail, having no previous fitness regime who joined us and achieved her goals after 7 months of Bootcamp Training.

Also, a young lad wanting to join the Regular Army, was committed to keeping his fitness level up ready to join and after his Kapooka training he topped the physical training and shooting and his fitness was higher than any other Soldier!

Bootcamp has also positively affected the lives of the over 50’s age group. Grandparents have lost weight, become fitter thus gaining more energy and flexibility, enabling them to play with their grandchildren.

The sessions are designed to cater for all kinds of people of all shapes and sizes from all walks of life. These include people wanting to change from the normal gym or sporting activity, people looking for the next challenge, people who need a kick start into getting active or motivated and people that haven’t exercised in years.

Interested people aged 50 and over require a clearance from their GP. Each session is run by instructors that have completed the Original Bootcamp Fitness training course. Each session is different and has 3 different focus days.

Strength-working is on upper and lower body strength with different activities such as circuit, sand bags, body weight, mock military equipment and other equipment that is new and different to any other strength work you would have seen.

Cardio-working is on your cardio-vascular fitness as well as your endurance and agility i.e. hill sprints, distance runs, stairs, races, relays, cardio circuits, pack marches and much more.
Battle PT is a day where we incorporate all aspects of your fitness.
Usually based on a task that has to be accomplished by your team within the time frame given for that session.
The most important aspect of this day is teamwork.
To find out about fees and session times for other locations please contact us on 8389 3512.
Bookings are essential and we are taking bookings now for the next intake which starts on the March 3rd, 2008. Bring a friend to Bootcamp and receive 10% discount off your fees and family members receive 10% discount for the 2nd member.

FREE SESSION – Come and join us for a taste of what Original Bootcamp is all about on Wednesday, February 19th 2008 – bookings essential.