Story ThumbnailDid you know that although Northern Adelaide Hills Health Service is funded by the Government the hospitals are still owned by our community?

To protect our asset and to oversee the development and direction of both the Mount Pleasant and Gumeracha Hospitals and Glenview Homes we have a Board of Governors consisting of Trevor Manning Chairman, Elaine Work Deputy, and Board Members Harry Drewry, Valda Hannah, Colin Fergusson and Leanne Barker.

Due to recent retirements there are two vacancies on the board and it is essential that these positions are filled in order to maintain a vibrant and imaginative board representing a broad cross section of our community.

This is an opportunity for you to lend your expertise and enthusiasm for one of the most vital services in our community.
Running hospitals is very big business and a vital part of our local economy employing over one hundred people in our district.
If our community is going to thrive and develop it is essential that our health services are maintained and grow.

Are you the person the board is looking for? Ring either hospital on 8568 0000 or 8209 9200 and offer your services today.
The only qualification necessary is that you are a local resident and able to attend evening meetings once a month.