New flag for Lobethal Lutheran School

Story ThumbnailIn February, students from the Lobethal Lutheran School were treated to a practical example of what their actions can achieve.

A fortnight earlier, the School Captains, Rebecca Larecki and Samuel Rohrlach voiced their concern at the well-worn appearance of the Australian flag flying from the flagpole daily in the School grounds, so it was suggested that they act to replace it.

Together, they wrote a letter to the Honourable Alexander Downer, M.P., local member for Mayo, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The result was that Mr Downer was able to present the school with a new flag, witnessed by the school community .

The students were asked by Mr. Downer to remember and appreciate that they are fortunate to live in a country where there is peace, and abundance.

Following the raising of the flag, the community proudly sang the National Anthem.

Now the flag which flies is new, and the children can remember with pride that the actions of two of them brought about an improvement.

We thank Mr. Downer for being so approachable and interactive, and for the enthusiastic and prompt way he responded to our request.