… Silent Testimony to Ash Wednesday

Silent Testimony to Ash Wednesday25 years have passed since Ash Wednesday and the memories of that fateful day still live on.
Not all properties of the Adelaide Hills were burnt out. A property at Littlehampton that was missed by the fire has a reminder of that day which people can view and perhaps ponder on the destruction caused by bushfires.

At Platform 1, Heritage Farm Railway, a 400 year old tree lives on by the creek. On Ash Wednesday, a branch from this old river red gum was blown off by the ferocious gusts of wind with the cracking of the branch being heard through the thick black smoke.

This branch, weighing approximately 4 tonne, fell to the ground and has remained in that same place ever since. As the years have gone by, the landscape of the Adelaide Hills has returned to its lush, healthy state.

Every year, 1000’s of visitors to this tourist attraction are taken on a train ride and as they pass the “Ash Wednesday” tree, passengers are told the story of the tree and its branch. This tree will continue to remain a silent testimony to Ash Wednesday.