… Silent Testimony to Ash Wednesday

Silent Testimony to Ash Wednesday25 years have passed since Ash Wednesday and the memories of that fateful day still live on.
Not all properties of the Adelaide Hills were burnt out. A property at Littlehampton that was missed by the fire has a reminder of that day which people can view and perhaps ponder on the destruction caused by bushfires.

At Platform 1, Heritage Farm Railway, a 400 year old tree lives on by the creek. On Ash Wednesday, a branch from this old river red gum was blown off by the ferocious gusts of wind with the cracking of the branch being heard through the thick black smoke. Continue reading … Silent Testimony to Ash Wednesday

Adelaide Hills Original Bootcamp

Adelaide Hills Original BootcampKersbrook, Birdwood, Gawler & Mount Barker

The philosophy at the Adelaide Hills Original Bootcamp is to change the lives of people who are serious about recovering their health and fitness. Our Passion is in providing the opportunity for people to achieve their health goals.

All That’s Physical has to extend their services to go beyond the Physiotherapy Rooms and out into the community. Since securing the license to run Original Bootcamp courses in October 2006, the military based fitness program has gone from strength to strength. Continue reading Adelaide Hills Original Bootcamp

Lobethal Tapestry Weavers

The Lobethal Tapestry Weavers, Katharina Urban, Wilma Bajka, Elly Webb and Christine Mackintosh, have recently received grants from the Adelaide Hills Council and Country Arts S.A.

These grants are to help finance the Weavers through the design phase and the teaching phase and other grants and sponsors are being sought to finance the weaving of a large tapestry, which is going to be a community event / activity and will be 250cms by 160cms in size!

The first step is the design phase, so, on Sunday, February 3rd in the dressing room at the rear of the Lobethal Centennial Hall from 10.00am until 1.00pm, Elly Webb will be listening to members of the community who have ideas for inclusion in the tapestry. Continue reading Lobethal Tapestry Weavers

Mt Pleasant Natural Resource Centre

Mt Pleasant Natural Resource CentreSaving our Community’s Water

The Mt Pleasant Natural Resource Centre, with assistance from the Australian Government’s Community Water Grants, will be implementing a water savings project this year to help our local community save water.

The Mt Pleasant Natural Resource Centre received $45,318.18 in Round 3 of Community Water Grants. The Mt Pleasant Natural Resource Centre is a non profit volunteer based centre that has been operating for over 8 years within the community. Continue reading Mt Pleasant Natural Resource Centre