OLD MEATS NEW by Kendrea Rhodes

OLD MEATS NEW by Kendrea RhodesOnkaparinga Meats, at 15 Main Street, Lobethal, is changing hands. Long time butchers, Bill and Sandy Ledder, are handing over to Lobethal residents, Colin and Jodi McPherson.

Bill and Sandy are exchanging their early, freezing mornings for some well earned sleep! They’ve been in the butchering game for many years, which all began for Bill (pictured right) in 1955 when he became an apprentice in his father’s butcher shop on Grange Road, Fulham Gardens.

He has owned, managed, supervised and experienced many varieties of butchering from small family owned businesses to Woolworths and Bi-Lo supervisors and a chain of Pan Ready butcher shops. For the last 5 years, Bill and Sandy have owned and run Onkaparinga Meats, happily and successfully.

At age 17, Colin (pictured above right and right) began his butchering apprenticeship with Don Roberts in the Coromandel Valley. He stayed for 10 years and then changed careers to the transport industry. Colin had worked for 6 years previously at Onkaparinga Meats, and has also helped Bill and Sandy casually, so he knows the layout well. Motivated by community involvement and family, Colin has left transport and is back butchering, but this time he is the boss!

Bill and Sandy haven’t quite bowed out either. Bill is still involved, making the famous and delicious schnitzels for Colin and Jodi, and you’ll see Sandy’s smiling face there too, from time to time.

Butchering is a physically demanding business. The day beings at 6.00am, preparing cleaning, sorting, chopping, mincing, making sausages, and packaging the meats. There are sides of beef and lamb to carry and break up, then chop and prepare. The butcher is on his feet for a long, 12 hour day.

Jodi and Colin have the same commitment to quality and service, and have introduced FRESH FISH every Tuesday, direct from the Seafood Markets. Stir Fry Friday is on – you guessed it – Fridays!

Fresh vegetables direct from the Pooraka Markets and your choice of chicken breast strips, lean beef strips or pork leg strips. One stop shopping at the butcher shop, who would have thought it?

Please join me in saying Thank You to Bill and Sandy, and Good Luck to Jodi and Colin, we’re pleased to MEAT you!