Mill Road Pocket Forest

Many Hands Make Light Work

The Mill Road Pocket Forest is a Lobethal Community Association bushfire recovery project. Stage 1 was planted last year and the planting of Stage 2 is about to commence over autumn and into winter this year. 

Currently on show at the Mill Road Pocket Forest are pops of purple from Mexican Sage, red Kangaroo Paw and the autumnal leaves of deciduous trees. As the garden grows and the seasons change so will the display.

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Top of the Torrens Theatre Group: Love! Love! Love!

Sometimes Love Needs Time to Grow

This has been very true for the show ‘LOVE! LOVE? LOVE…’ that Top of the Torrens Theatre Group started developing at the beginning of 2020.

COVID delayed the show twice, but now, finally, we are ready to dish this beauty up in 2021. Some of our original cast had to withdraw from the show, but others came along and filled the gap with their own special talents. 

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Mill Stories

Fabrik Arts + Heritage is hosting a Historian in Residence every Tuesday throughout April. Pauline Cockrill, a historian and museum curator from the History Trust of South Australia, is hoping to speak with former workers from the Onkaparinga Woollen Mill, as part of preparations to develop a heritage interpretation at Fabrik Arts + Heritage in Lobethal. Pauline is researching the history of the Woollen Mill, which operated for over 120 years.

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Lobethal Recreation Ground

By Kendrea Rhodes

Almost every weekend of the year, the hubbub of a community or sporting event rings throughout the Valley of Praise. Shouts from footballers, umpires’ whistles, cheering crowds, and the drift of music or announcements, herald the sounds of community gatherings. For about a century the Lobethal Recreation Ground has been in continual use, an effort to be commended particularly as the Ground is a community-owned and community-run asset.

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Oakbank Soldiers’ Memorial Hall


By Kendrea Rhodes

Where is the Oakbank Hall and where is the memorial? Occasional questions asked of the Hall’s Secretary, Tony White. It is possible, when driving on the Onkaparinga Valley Road, to overlook the Oakbank Hall due to the trees and flourishing businesses surrounding it. But if you slow down, you might notice the Art Deco portico, its imposing columns, and maybe even the 95 years of memories and local history seeping through the walls and windows.

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Festival of the HIlls

By Kendrea Rhodes

From Stirling to Lobethal, Oakbank to Mount Torrens, over three glorious days during the Fringe season, locals and visitors can indulge in Hills’ delights at the Festival of the Hills.

Opening night starts with a party on the lawn in Stirling, then Strum & Stroll in Lobethal on day two with the Adelaide Guitar Festival, and finally day three, traversing the Amy Gillet Bikeway with pop-up stalls and entertainment along the 15km stretch.

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